NXP PN544 (44501) chip and NFC antenna inside the Nokia C7-00

after frequent rumours about the (yet inactive) NFC hardware inside the nokia c7-00, i recently decided to get myself one and have a closer look at the actual chip.
curiously, most of the information available on the internet relies on confirmed statements by nokia, but i could not find any details about the chip to actually prove it.
however, the schematics leaked on the internet (search for “Nokia_C7-00_RM-675_Service_Schematics_v2.0.pdf”) show a controller called N6500, and you can see the connection to the two antenna pads on the back of the PCB (X6500 and X6501), but there’s no info about the real name of the chip.

so here it is:

NXP 44501
07 05
//UPDATE: it seems to be a PN544, just labeled differently. Here is some more info, also concerning the Google Nexus S hardware.

the antenna is located at the back of the b-cover, hidden underneath the Bluetooth/GPS/WiFi Antenna:

4 thoughts on “NXP PN544 (44501) chip and NFC antenna inside the Nokia C7-00”

  1. Where is the exact location of antenna of C7. Is it near to ear piece or mouth piece?

  2. it is located at the top of the phone, behind the earpiece and the 3.5mm socket, just where an nfc antenna should belong 🙂
    you can see the two antenna pads, on the right of the 3.5mm hole.
    (my first assumption was, maybe it could even share the ferrit core with the earpiece coil, but that seems to be less helpful for nfc data transmission)

    the cellular antenna is located at the bottom of the phone, by the way; the black plastic frame antenna at the top is only used for 2.4GHz.

  3. Hi:

    I am wondering what chipset does C7 uses for AGPS. I see from the schematics that it says N6200, does that come from NXP as well.

    Can you please confirm


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